A morning from the Farm


Good Morning! Morning came early today and it felt great to get some writing done before the household is up. Do you enjoy quiet time to get chores done? I love having things off the list before my guys are up so I can fully focus on them once they are. Of course, this started when they were all little children. Chase and Madison and I were on our own, and to have a half chance at getting things handled, you had to rise with the rooster and hope to get something done before it was time to prep for work.

The stars this morning seemed to fill the sky. We are away enough from town on the farm that I can go out to the porch and be in awe of the creation we live in. Mindful that we are not seeing starbursts of bombs or the sounds of explosions, my prayers are deep and my heart is with the people of Ukraine. I see former students as parents and grandparents now. Folks like Kelly Keville Canney who were so bright and lovely as middle schoolers now with folks of their own that age. What a privilege to see generations evolve.

My Grandmother Geddie taught 3 generations of 2nd graders in the Cleveland Avenue school, can you imagine? I am seeing the first rounds of students not only bringing their spouses to meet me, but to bring their children and now a grandchild to meet me. What a privilege. I love family and to be shared their families is such a joy. There is a Christmas tree farm near the farm I am working within this week. Somehow the little child in me sees that as hope. Hope that another season will come. Hope that we shape and grow as we go, hope that we can cultivate new seasons in this time of difficult transitions.

It is time in the Ozarks to plan and engage this spring’s garden. Feller is drawing out plans and garden beds and the new porch final touches. I am truly a novice in the space, but Les Berry Sr. is always improving our outcomes with his raised beds, canning, and extending our growing season. I’m to have a cutting garden, an herb garden, and a bed for my vegetables this year. I am so excited. Of course, by mine, I mean my joy in playing with the garden, picking the vegetables and flowers. We have a deal in that Les’s joy is in actually DOING the heavy lifting in the growing of it. I don’t know much about how to do the garden, but I am learning as I go.

What are your favorite things in Spring? It is almost time for Spring..,. For me I look forward to the rare tulips, azaleas, and to the daffodils and time with family at Palm Sunday weekend (we have an Easter Egg gathering for friends and any family who will come) I look forward to pictures of our Granddaughter’s first Easter. I have not met her yet, but I know she must a joy to her Daddy and Mom and her other Grandparents who live near them. My own Grandparents were such a part of my life, and our children were raised to be near my parents. When my children were young, I moved so that they would never be without their grandparents in their lives. We are so thankful they both came through their Covid ordeals healthy. The stars have traded themselves in for a soft gray light in preparation for the sun to rise. I hope your day begins in a soft and kind way.

I have more of three excited girls who wake with energy and the usual “do we have to go” going on here. A new turtle in the household makes them want to stay home. We’re not talking a two incher. An uncle bought the birthday girl on that is about 8 inches big! What a window of time in their lives. Eight, ten and twelve are such curious, inquisitive ages and these girls are learners! What’s on your agenda today? It’s the early routines, breakfast, then workshops and client consults. This afternoon brings planning for tomorrow’s gatherings and a trip to town to get the refreshments for the two days of meetings. It’s going to be a day of doing. What’s going on in your world.

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