Choosing Change…

changechoicesIt seems to me that many hearts are facing change right now. The economy, the unhealthy lifestyles, and normal life has brought many to their knees in the last few weeks. In our world in Northern Alabama, folks are seeing direct hits from our leader’s economics. The thin veil of “we can control our lives” has been lifted as secure employment was reduced or ended with the sequester.

I look around our home and know that we have more than we need in every area. Clothes, art, food, dishes. I find that I am ready to part with more of it, to lighten what is, to prepare for what may be.  It’s not that our home is in immediate threat, its that so many are waiting for things I have and don’t need….and in other views, I have so much that simply doesn’t matter to me.

Easter is around the corner and that is always about renewal for me. A fresh start each day, each hour, that I am willing to turn over my stress or problem to Christ. It is a luxurious thing truly, to be given a source of never ending forgiveness ..of never ending love.

In my heart change is more about accepting what is…where it is…without fear. To accept that whatever now is…that today is still the day I have and to be joyful in it. Too often I am about the “when I…” days…project deadlines, upcoming deadlines, and “after I get this done” days…instead of embracing THIS moment.

Lately I have taken time as my friend, Sarah L Cook, had challenged each morning to be list out what I am thankful for. Most mornings I run out of time before I run out of ideas of just how many things, ways, and reasons I have to be thankful. It is a great awareness to focus the day. This week I am only on the road for two days. Drive time to North Georgia and back after a short Nashville trip. I love drive time, for it allows me to take in the beauty of the drive while I reflect on time with God.  I am focusing on choosing change this week, changing the motion pictures that my past may bring into my present and simply letting today’s life roll….

How do you choose change? What are you choosing to change in your life?

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