Daring Past Doable


makingitmine7In my life Dh and I have a language that we use when we are considering choices.  We often talk of what it is that we’re interested in learning, in doing, in purchasing, or making an intentional change. We come from a pragmatic mindset that in the end, the goal is to be good stewards of what God places before us. On the surface for Dh, that reads “caution, conservative, and clarity of all possible outcomes before movement”  A retired police officer and naval man, my feller has a pragmatic way about his evaluations.  Resources? Knowledge? Staying power? Protectability? Doing for pleasure or whim simply isn’t in his vocabulary. Except in perhaps a passing thought when he allows his practical nature to escape, but that is quickly stopped, routed back to serious consideration of the facts. Just the facts m’am and that’s it. His wife? Well she’s more of a passion-driven, we-can-learn-to-do-this kinda girl.  He is an evaluator, responsible for identifying every possible outcome that could cause difficulty. I am a strategist, one who is tasked with how to get things done regardless of said difficulties. Yes, our marriage is a comedy of yin and yang thinking.

My own background family environment stressed Depression Era solid reasoning. Use it up, wear it out, buy it used or go without. Pleasure might be viewed as a clear indication that you were sliding down a slippery slope that was a less than  beneficial experience and should be henceforth be regarded as suspicious or potentially detrimental to your life, and even to your eternal life.

And then there is my heart….I believe that the gifts created within us are for others, and that our best lives are found by learning how to engage them daily for others. And this is what truly sets up happiness and meaningful living for ourselves.  My heart somehow knows that all of the logic, self protection, willing of not taking risks, and perhaps even safe choice-making will never….and I do mean … NEVER allow us to combine the gifts that we are given with the breath of God to create at the level we do when we dare past doable, perceived without engaging the perspectives of what does this really take?  You see the problem with thinking we can define what is doable is that takes control back in our own hands.  Read the rest.

Control, perfectionism, authority all are gauged on finite resources at hand, and the beauty of intense desire, passion, and willingness is that it has some sort of amazing property of manifesting miraculous provision…and with action, a motion is set in place that brings the impossible to your pathways making them pave before your very eyes.  We see this with crowd-sourcing programs, we see this with miraculous growth in seeds sprouting through asphalt, we see this with flowers that propogate from one bulb to a field of them when tended. Where the heart combines desire with a purpose, most humans are unstoppable in their quest and resources seem to show up from unexpected sources  for success.

Why are you telling me this stuff Sweetie? Did New Year’s spirits enter your system? No Silly, I didn’t even bring home my usual TAB.   Because I want you to stop in your tracks, I want you to take a moment to stop starting your New Year with measurements of what you failed at last year, what you didn’t do or couldn’t do the last decades of your life, or base your thinking on if is currently doable, and begin to consider, like a child, what is desirable to your heart and mind for your daily life.  Life becomes a habit of limited perception “doability”  if we are not careful. We do what we’ve always done. We go where we’ve always gone. We accept what we’ve already accepted.  But the funny thing about that is, it’s a reality we set limits on ourselves without regard to the limits our perspectives place on our potential when we do not consider the possibilities of what ifs. Change happens in an instant when we allow the possibilties of discovery and research to overcome our  assumed perceptions.

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  1. I did this in December, Dare past Doable, and the amazing thing is, God blessed and multiplied my efforts to create miracles! He even allowed me to harvest fields I did not sow in. He helped me to stretch my mind and prepared my heart for His plans for me. I am a different person because of it!!! Here’s to a year of daring past doable!! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sarah, I love that! One time when I was in Arkansas and being obedient to take care of my dying mom, website orders from Conneticut came to me for 4 weeks…more than I have ever had from strangers…and they all seemingly disappeared after products were mailed…never heard back but payment and orders were for products on hand. God is amazingly faithful.

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