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Where does your heart sing? My whole body sings to the mountains. Add springtime, views of a lake and cool mountain mornings and evenings and I’m in Sweetieland.

This week I’m traveling from Oklahoma through Paducah, Kentucky and on to Big Canoe Georgia. Paducah? Yes! I have creative routes when I travel…but I wanted to pick up my friend Leslie of Feet Under My Table and head down to Georgia together.

Paducah has many charms but none more enchanting than Jenny’s

Frenchtown Station, Paducah, Kentucky

Ginny is a friend of Leslie’s and that always makes the picking more memorable. Ginny’s father and son are a part of the family-owned business. Her son and his wife run the darling shop next door. Ginny’s shop had me at hello. Amazing pottery and concrete pieces outside and fabulous antique pieces picked all over the surrounding area.

Ginny’s fresh flowers used in unique and lovely ways simply sealed my lifelong admiration of her beautiful style.

That Leslie is an amazing heart, but I have to say I cannot decide what facet of her multi-faceted talents is my favorite, so I’ll just have to keep sharing her with you, for she’s just fabulous. She has such a cute house you just can’t imagine.

Leslie may be just a tad encouraging of my penchant for taking home pretty things. Of course, in that area I love that I have a partner in choosing. She and I have so many identical things in our homes and we had never met before this year! She’s just the sister girl I never had…and may never give up! (I think I’m the sister whom Mother makes you drag along on the trip)

And the long awaited pound cake that Leslie is known for and I’ve waited weeks, I tell you weeks for?

She made her Aunt Helen’s recipe over and over again until she developed a gluten-free version (I like to think it’s for me alone) and it’s PERFECT..

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

On to the next thing this morning I hope your heart is happy where you are!

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  1. Two kindred spirits traveling the country. How wonderful to have spent time doing the things you both love, taking in nature, finding treasures and eating sweet treats. I cannot wait to hear more about your adventures with Leslie! I love the two of you and hope one day to be on a road trip with you two!

  2. It was such a joy to share Paducah with you…and travel along those roads to wonderful places of beauty. Loved the laughter, conversation, great company and amazing food! Etched in my memory for a lifetime! And when do I plan for your return??? Another gluten free pound cake will be waiting…

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