Let’s Get this Marvelous Monday Started

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Whole new week, whole new week! Let’s get this morning started!  I don’t know about you but this season of new schedules of everybody being home more, and the sharing of more space for longer periods of time means that I need my #15MinuteMiracles more than ever.  My timer is my friend when things simply seem out of control in the kitchen, the laundry or on in my email inbox. Can you relate?  Personally I’m taking more time to be kind to myself during the Safe At Home order in our state.  I work from home a good majority of the time but I’m not accustomed to my husband and college girl being here while I do.  Between loud noises while they watch movies to a never ending mess on the kitchen counters, I NEED that #15MinuteMiracle to get things done.

I know some of us do #15MinuteMiracles by setting the timer, setting an intention that is doable in that 15 minutes and taking before and after pictures.  I am all about using my iphone to let me SEE the progress. Not all my jobs are 15 minute ones, but I can make a world of difference if I focus just 15 minutes on a task that needs doing.

Each Monday we begin when we each can begin, and share our success on the Facebook page @alifetocherishblog. You’ll see you’re not the only one and other’s work will inspire you too! I hope you’ll join us and I’ll share my before and afters too!


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