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It seems that when one is going through a renovation, time either flies because you’re busy working, or it runs at a snail’s pace because you’re ready for things to be done already.  This week was both for me.  I am excited about the new garden beds and the way Feller laid out our future plans in tape and ribbons and began the first garden beds.  I am delighted to see how we’ll recarve the cottage front yard and begin to lay out where the fencing is going.

Meanwhile it seems like it has been a long nine months finding and installing the plank flooring we desired to have. The Restore purchase of gray barnwood vinyl flooring iwas our first choice for our rough and tough on the floor lifestyle with puppies, children, groups and crafts happening all the time in our space.  We knew going in that we were at a life stage that preferred the 12 mm vinyl plank flooring like elementary schools use, for we have friends on walkers and wheelchairs and that flooring is easy for them to navigate.

I had the best burger of my recent life while I was in Hartselle, Alabama. My heavens, how good it was! The bun was toasted with butter, the hand cut french fries lightly battered and crisp beyond belief. The condiments were just perfectly spread and I left floating from the flavor integrations.

Traveling to support clients and projects is part of my role.  I was privileged to support a launch of Basic Botanical, an all natural line of skin, spa, and healing tinctures and salves.  A friend and I drove from Oklahoma to Somerville, Alabama for the debut. My client had had an unexpected surgery this week so it seemed important to me to be in Alabama in person to take care of the launch.

Somerville Alabama is not far from our former hometown of Decatur, Alabama. I fell in love with Somerville long ago for its Courthouse and beautiful country homes as we looked for a home as we first moved to Alabama.  This trip affirmed the lovely was still there as well as new to me folks as I met the ladies of One More Time Consignment  Shop in Somerville, Alabama.  Precious did not begin to cover what Amy and Teresa where as we were delighted with their carefully curated gently consigned boutique. I have to say I called Feller for discussion of realigning my plan after seeing beautiful brand named clothes and purses for under what I would pay for one outfit for six. What joy when you see clothes taken care of, stylishly arranged and fabulously priced.

Who could resist excellent service and darling support staff with such a smile? Teresa and Amy were just amazing supporting my many requests for colors and looks, and they knew their inventory. One More Time Around Consignment Shop is your North Alabama connection to darling clothes and superior service. Wow.

This weekend I was privileged to be able to just take in the beauty of landscapes and architecture of North Alabama. I love history and I love community histories and I spent time walking in the gardens, observing the landscaping and enjoying community shared spaces.  It was refreshing and delightful. There is no substitute on too busy weeks with multiple levels of change, that you simply get yourself outside, and walk and enjoy nature.


Nothing quite refreshes me as much as walking to the park, taking a moment to enjoy a bloom, or notice the clouds or sunset.  What do you do to bring you back to the present? I spend entirely too much effort thinking of the future, and reliving the past, nature helps me to BE in the moment. My friend brings me back to a favorite memory every time she cooks when I visit. Her Sunday roast simply is divine. How aromas bring memories alive for me.  Revisiting this town where my children were raised, and smelling that roast simply brought back may years ago when we have many feet under the table nightly.  (do you know my friend Leslie?  she’s amazing) She knows the joy of this memory too.

I hope your weekend was as joyful as mine was.  I’ll be heading back to the Ozarks this week and I can’t wait to show you what Feller has been up to while I’ve been away.

Have a great week!

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