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Saturday mornings…one of my favorite days of the week. Most Saturdays I get up extra early so that the quiet of writing lasts longer before the busy of the day begins. On Saturdays I write as me, for me, as opposed to the days I work on other ghostwriting book projects or client narratives.
I reserve the time from 7:30-8:30 for a treasured experience…a favorite project or client call, sometimes watercoloring, sometimes writing, other times using the sewing machine or hand embroidering a simple thing. My mother Anne was one who always had handwork near her, whether making a dress for me and putting in the hem by hand, or crewel work, or hand tatting (which I have yet to learn) Work of the hands is love made visible…just as work of the home is love made visible. My family probably experiences more of the work of the hand for I am sorely lacking in home-keeping skills…but I work hard on other areas I am more able to show them how important they are to me.
As I visited @Farmhouse1820 I was reminded just how amazing it is when one truly focuses on excellence. Excellence in Brooke Fedigan’s home was evident in the way she took the time to create everything from caring for her farm animals to the way she prepared her meals. It is a standard few aspire to, but Brooke makes it look easy.
This week as Feller and I enjoyed being in the same space together, we were dreaming together of how the farm will be a year from now. Who knew a year ago we would own a cottage and a small piece of land in Oklahoma. We had just made the decision two years ago to come to Oklahoma to be nearer his parents and our oldest children.
We purchased a brand new home complete with floor boards and walls…lol…but it just wasn’t home. Though I do miss the high ceilings and a place for the bed I loved…and will love again once the master bedroom is added.
Man makes plans and God laughs as the role he came here for evaporated and we became aware that our next steps would be evolving as we lived them. I love my companies, and they require me to have modern conveniences like DSL internet (we won’t mention walls and floors) but we figured out that we also love working together so we are walking that out in the company formerly known as mine alone. Our reorganization from She’s So There llc dba Sweetie Berry, and Chaffee Creek Creatives llc to add Develop Worth llc has been a good decision. We both love to serve families in business, ministry, and start ups, so we’re loving this work together.
It is the best journey to trust God. Breathtaking as all heck and it took me quite a bit to get used to the idea of living in Oklahoma at all. We loved where we were in Alabama, I loved where we were in Arkansas, so going to neither of those places and choosing a whole new place …well it took some getting used to. (so glad we did!)
I learned on the trip to Pennsylvania that somehow this little Redbird Cottage Farm
and county have become my heart’s home. I found for the first time in my adult life I wasn’t pining for Gurdon or Camden, Arkansas’s historic homes, where the tall pine trees grow, but for the little cottage and barren prairies and Ozark rock landscapes and lakes of North East Oklahoma.
or our Gurdon home…
I longed to the buffalo lulling in the early morning cold, to see our neighbor’s gentle mooing cows, and to see the “Fresh Eggs” sign two ranches down. It was quite a surprise to me.
To sing “you are my sunshine” to the neighbor’s calves and yearlings and to see their rapt attention trying to figure out what exactly I am…
I was in such a beautiful space in New Hope, Pennsylvania . Such a lovely township and beyond exquisite landscapes and homes.
Who wouldn’t love such a picturesque town?
I truly loved every moment of this trip. Kim Plyler of Master Your Story and owner of Sahl Communications and I have grown from work acquaintances to true friends and strategic partners in business. We have learned to grow through life together…and we’ve committed the effort to do so. Time together to play is a rare privilege, and this trip we got in both many hours of work and a few days of play too!.
there was time for walks and pictures…as well as work with our clients.
and the city spaces we work in are a lovely option for the time we work in person.
The work we do has evolved, from developing platforms for startups to communication crisis plans (Kim) to now maturing personal and professional skills for the emerging entrepreneur…or professional in transition.
I love the work I do with my clients, like with Heidi Rome, author of “You Just Have to Love Me” and oh so much more in her work with folks facing plot changes… We had worked together for months, but this was our first time to work in person…it.was.marvelous to see that she was all that she seemed to be in person, it is not always the case. Social media and online media can sometimes be misleading.
Her book is just amazing! Her son Ethan is severely autistic and he is non verbal, yet his words have meant so much to so many.
I love the landscapes and gardens of the Northeast, but my heart kept longing to see Spring in the Ozarks and the lakes and streams of home. My conversations longed to see faces and places I’ve learned the last few years, they are home to me now. Who knew!
Sometimes loves sneaks up on you softly as Janette Oakley might share. (author of Love Comes Softly series) I love these Ozarks of Oklahoma hills, their people, and the visual beauty of the land. This week we began planning our garden. Les will do above ground garden this season as we build a project to do aquaponic gardening and above ground gardening next Spring.
We’re excited about having an Autumn season of pumpkins, fall vegetables, and later Christmas trees from the local Christmas tree farm on the property farm stand. We’re gathering artisans and crafters to do several weekend open houses for mid Fall and that is exciting to me. The folks in this area are so very talented and I love gathering us all for harvest meals as I did in Alabama.
What do you get excited about? For me it was having a kitchen floor on arrival home. We’ve replaced all the floor joists and most of two rooms walls and studs, so getting to the pretty took a while. I brought home vinyl planking from Alabama’s Restore and just love how it lightened the rooms. We’re project heavy right now, but it is thrilling to see how the kitchen is becoming a home. After eight months of not having a stove and sink, you better believe I love them deeply. We are still in camp out mode in the cottage, but we’re past the living in one room stage!
The morning birds are calling to me already, they seem to know that I’m tardy in turning on the fairy lights. Most of the birds won’t move until there is light, but their songs begin about 45 minutes before daylight. Now that we’ve been feeding them, they begin a good bit before I feed them each morning, first turning on the fairy lights then filling the bench, feeder, and table with sunflower seeds.
I delight in their feasting each morning as I write. The colors and showmanship as they play and flutter is just marvelous. Our young cardinals and the young woodpecker seem to be besting each other each day to see who can strut the loveliest…while enjoying their feast.
Today is the day the Lord has made, what a privilege to rejoice and be glad in it. It’s to rain here, so plans for an outdoor brunch and early May day photo shoot will alter to an indoor brunch and a late afternoon trip to Fayetteville to capture a book cover shot for an exciting project with a client. It’s an honor I didn’t plan, for I am the creative strategist, typically not the photographer, but the client and the publisher have asked if I will do the cover and I am delighted to say yes. Who knew! Photography has been such a love of mine for years, but I am truly in awe of such amazing folks as Sheri Oneal and Mark Boughtonwho are masters of the lens. I surely hope to have both of them in work we’re involved in this season! Whether product or process work, food or cover work, these two can capture the essence of life in their lens. I so admire them.
What’s on your agenda today? I’ve spent the early hours sorting out my office and unloading equipment to prepare for later today, prepping the ham, bacon, and leek quiche, cheese grits and fruit for a brunch, and simply loved having quiet time with piano music in my office (yes, I did headphones to let the others and Ladybird sleep…Mr Bingley though, joined me to slumber in his blue toile chair as I worked…he is so faithful to write with me, and when I stall, he gently leans in and looks up as if to say…we’re not there yet)
Have a good morning, I hope you’re enjoying the day where you are!
~ Sweetie!

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  1. I loved spending Saturday morning with you this morning…I think a trip to the Ozarks sound perfect right now. I remember moments meeting cattle on my grandmother’s farm. Thanks for the memories and new ones created here. I am your number one fan, Sweetie. Happy Saturday!

    1. You are my joy, I love that we are friends and becoming closer as I learn more reasons to adore you! ~ Sweetie!

  2. Sweetie, enjoyed reading your post. How lovely all the places you have lived and now your new place in Oklahoma. God knows the plans He has for us. People ask why I got a two story home in my 50s. I respond back, “why not”? I lived in a one story as a children and most of my life. I dreamed of having a farmhouse and farm. That farm was not in the cards but the two story farm style house was when God planned it. I cried the day we moved in here. I waited a long time for this dream. You talked about God and his plans for us, we need to wait and listen to Him. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so ready for this adventure, but it took me getting my head wrapped around it. I do so love the land and the cozy of this cottage. ~ Sweetie!

  3. Busy busy you are! You write so eloquently. A brave move, not sure I could uproot like that. Blessings to you! I’m excited to watch your projects grow garden and home ! Thanks for sharing !

    1. Thank you so much for coming to the blog Mary Anne. I am so honored you came to read a while. ~ Sweetie!

  4. What a wonderful read! God’s plans are definitely bigger than ours. It’s fun following along as you share all you are doing in your new home and land. Keep enjoying the adventure!

    1. Kim, thank you for taking the time to come visit. We are so enjoying the unfolding of our trust, though its always an adventure to allow God’s plan to take precedence.
      I hope you’ll keep following the adventures! ~ Sweetie!

  5. Sweetie, I enjoyed sitting next to you, if only in spirit, as your wrote this post this morning. I am in love with your Buffalo, cows and sweet birds that greet you each morning and keep you company as you start each day. I’ve never been a country girl, I love to visit but I have never lived that life and I am fascinated and eager to not only follow along but to learn along side as you and Les start your garden and feed not only yourself but your community. The farmstead and your idea of bringing together local artisans is beautiful and something I am most looking forward too. Working with your hands, creating and crafting is a beautiful gift and it is a joy to see the love in each piece these artists create. I hope that you had a lovely brunch and a wonderful weekend. Thank you friend for your time this past week when I know that you were so busy, it is always so wonderful to speak with you. As for this blog, your writing, photography and love of live as well as all of the lessons that you teach have opened my eyes to the possibilities in my own life and have encouraged me to be better. Sending you a big hug Sweetie.

    1. Dear Elizabeth,
      If you’d just sit by me! I love our conversations and your insights. This is a big adventure but we’re exciting for where God has brought us. The plot changes were not of our design but the story is His. So happy to be home today after church. I have a client class to monitor, but I am sitting watching the birds and rabbits and its exciting to be home. ~ Sweetie!

    1. Dear Danielle,
      Thank you for coming to visit. I’m headed to your blog right now. I already know I’ll appreciate it as faith and farmhouse are two of my favorites!
      ~ Sweetie

  6. How cute are those baby ducks?? I can’t begin to imagine how majestic and peaceful it is to live here. Work I am sure but to gorgeous and space to breathe!

    I’m fairly new to this group.


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