Sometimes It Gets Worse First Before It Gets Better.

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Do you love morning storms?  This morning it’s pouring rain in the Oklahoma Ozarks. The plains and hillsides somehow make storms an event. The lightning on the plains with a hardwood backdrop makes it all seem like a piece of fine art, where shadlows and lightning strikes are bolder, louder, and more somehow.

This week Feller has spent the week cutting away damaged areas of the house, or cut away to see where the damage ends.  Good news! The old termite damage was limited to the back two rooms. We were concerned the joists all the way through were damaged. It’s a whale of a load of work but it is doable.

The week has been one of scavenging for items for the house. Les and I are working this project to work and the joy of finding something we want for much less than budget is exciting to me personally. I believe that people throw away things every day that someone else needs and I love to connect the two!  Some of our finds this week include two vanities and sinks with marble for under $125 when the vanity at the store we appreciated was $799.  Same one, just no longer needed.  Two hand painted Mexican sinks for a future master bedroom’s bath, again, never installed, no longer needed, for $50. Such fun!

Newness wears off to me, but finding classic, beautifully constructed pieces is a joy forever.  My style is eclectic, a friend said that I brought home every scene from childhood television shows. She’s right! Unintentionally my white ironstone dishes are from The Walton’s table.  My love of toile from a scene from Out of Africa, the linens from a storybook version of My Secret Garden, my canopy bed too.

We’ve had a neighbor stop by to say hello and to share time with us. A couple of elders from the Church of Latter Day Saints came to volunteer to work with us on picking up a day. The entire property had junk on it from the previous tenants. It’s filling the forty foot dumpster as fast as we can fill it.

My usual work schedule is full and busy, so I am only on property enroute there and after I’ve worked with clients. Covid season means there is much more needing to be done online, both in forms and filming, so I’m helping individuals, families in business and companies make that happen. It surely helps having been in this business of distance and virtual education for over twenty years!

Today’s rain is letting up, so it’s time for me to enjoy the lush that happens right after the rain. How important it is to me to focus moments of beauty and the wonder of God’s creation to counter balance the work that isn’t pretty…like the bathtub in the kitchen!

Have a great day!




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