What Are You Doing to Make It A Good Day?

It’s a dark-thirty morning in the city. The setting this first part of the week a very formal hotel in the beauty of the countryside of New York. The chalet style fortress has its own gardens and though they too are beautiful, personally I love the more natural, rugged spaces of the Ozarks.

Even my morning reflections on scenes engages comparitives.

Not buying into it.



You see, comparing is a habit. It’s like trying to hold onto balloons that have nothing to do with batting a ball at a baseball game.  It keeps your hands busy and your turn to bat cannot be accomplished. But you’ll have such energy used up in something that isn’t even a part of the game of Baseball.

It’s too easy to give in to. Why not enjoy both amazing places to visit? Why not focus from a perspective of how blessed it is to have both in my life instead of finding a reason to be less than joyous at the prospect of another day in a beautiful space.

What we allow to be between our ears matters.

How often are you listening to the fiery mess that your mind tries to tell your spirit?

What and who echoes in your mind’s hearing that simply isn’t a good idea to allow real estate to your heart or mind any more?

What we think about is our choice.

What we believe is our choice.

What we allow to thwart us in our beliefs is our choice.

The last few weeks as I’ve travelled through the east coast and the South (yes I capitalize it, it’s a specific place…even when its not, it gets my honor). I’ve been given example after example of folks who were given more than one amazing choice, but even then they chose to “fret” about how to make the decision. If they make a decision, they’ll fret about they made the wrong decision. If they make the wrong decisions instead of making a new decision (now that they have more information) they fret that they always make bad decisions.

My Grandfather Geddie would have said they were like a child who is determined to find something wrong with their joy, and holds their favorite ice cream until it melts causing a reason to then complain. Turns out complaining is their favorite.


It’s easy for me to get on the bandwagon of the litany’s of complainers prose:

“I’m so tired”

“It’s too hard”

“Why did it happen”

“How’s it going to turn out?”

“It’ll never….”

Personally I’m not into the poetry of the pathetic.

How about you? The one thing I’ve noticed lately is almost all the negative self talk begins with comparatives….

“I wish I was…”

“They seem to…”

We all know it begins with deciding (yes, Angela it begins with a decision, as you wrote) then learning and enacting how to make that happen. It takes trial and error, mistakes and the marvelous accidental findings…and of course, repeating and redoing until its done.

Most of the time it doesn’t even take learning something new but doing what we already know to do.

Uh hm…

Make a schedule of my most important things to do today?

Keep in front of me the life I want to live on goals on paper?

Evaluate and assess if I’m spending my time effectively (yes, watching that favorite movie is effective IF it encourages, relaxes, or empowers your relationship to resting your mind…but those 24 hr Netflix binges…uh hm….)

Plan pauses and spaces between the scheduled items…margins matter for mental and physical health.

Choose to fuel my body well, and my mind (and pre plan meals, lawsy folks, this is HUGE part of being healthy, what we eat we become)

Learn…engage in practices…and learn some more..

Accomplishing is built into your DNA. You have monitored and adjusted since you came out of the womb. Once upon a time you even breathed liquids in the womb. You practiced until you were only dealing in oxygen a few moments after birth…

You know how to succeed innately.

Let’s start the week remembering just what a miraculous machine the body human is. How about remembering too that you, that’s. Y O U are able, capable, and awesomely made to monitor and adjust to adapt and become the you you desire to be!

Happy Monday!

~ Sweetie!

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