Where Do You Find Your Peace?


Are you at peace today? For me it’s about taking time to notice the life I have right before me….the flowers creeping by the fence,

the light streaming through the window, the beauty of a moment captured, framed on my desk.

Are you taking time out today to remember, notice, and be thankful for all that is good, lovely and true?

It’s so easy to forget what peace adds to your day. It’s my favorite ingredient when I can

keep myself within it.

The journey to trust God and not myself is such a daily lesson.

Is it a day to simply turn off the news and distractions from peace?

It’s so easy to let all that makes noise distract us.

Today my hope is that in solitude you will look for the beauty of this day

and count all the blessings about you and all that is good and well in your moments.


Father God,

Thank you your presence. For watching over us each moment.

Thank you for the beauty that exists when we choose to see it.

Thank you for your protection and the promises of your Word.

Father, help me to stay in the peace of your presence this day

and every day.

In Jesus name,


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