Where is Home for You?

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Home for me was an old boarding home turned family home in a rural town in Southern Arkansas. Gurdon was my birthplace and I still consider it home. My parents had purchased the old boarding house when my mother was pregnant with me and my father was fresh out of a practice in a small town as a young doctor and moving out to his own practice.

My Grandmother Geddie, my mother’s mother, said she took one look at the place and cried for my mother.  (this was NOT how it looked when they bought it, in fact, the upper porch was added long after we left in 1975)  However, my mother wasn’t one to choose based on aesthetics, she saw strong bones in the dilapidated home and pushed my dad to purchase the large yard, the ease to his downtown clinic, and walking distance to the stores and schools for her soon to be three children.

She wasn’t one to back down from a challenge. She believed God had her and I do too.

You see I get this naturally, this desire to create, to write, to teach…I’m a fourth-generation educator, entrepreneur and creative.  While common sense is in short supply sometimes, the fueling and growing through creating is a family standard.  Home for me now is where ever my beloveds are. My friends, my family, and my chosen family as well as the Redbird Cottage in the Ozarks… Where ever this guy is, I’ll go.

This week I’m in LaGrangeville, New York for business and for pleasure while Feller continues working on the floors and kitchen at Redbird Cottage. I bet he’s seeing a fair share more naps and hopefully catching up on rest while he does the work that he loves to do!

It’s a beautiful Spring in New York and I cannot wait to introduce you to my new pal Hudson and to share all that Brooke has going on at Farmhouse 1820.  Get to know her, she’s got a story worth telling and I’m here to capture a smidge of it for you!

What’s in your garden this season? The above ground bed is Mark Graff’s my cyber security pal. He’s quite the handyman and gardener. in Northwest Arkansas in a historic home.

We’re preparing to build above-ground beds, explore some new techniques for container gardening and continue learning about aquaponics for our future plan.  How do you like to garden? I personally love the beauty of growing things, of the patinas of the tools, of the luxury of fresh food…but I’m not much help in the garden so far, so Feller is sending me out to learn…and maybe catch a nap or two while the whirlwind is out of town!

Please share what you’re growing in your garden! Where is home for you and what makes it so?



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